January 18, 2015

The Winter Rose

For those of us who live in flowerless winter locations, it’s nice to find ways to enjoy the beauty of flowers throughout the winter months. Dried flowers are a fun and affordable way to help brighten those long cold winter days until the earth is once again filled with an explosion of brilliant color.

Roses are one of the most magnificent and popular dried flower. It is also the flower purchased the most for Valentine’s Day, with red roses being the most popular. After enjoying the incredible beauty and fragrance of your Valentine roses, try drying them. Take the entire flower stem, leaves included, and hang them upside-down in a dry location. Use a rubber band, as this will hold the stem in place as it shrinks with loss of moisture. When the flowers are completely dry, find your own unique way to display your everlasting roses. Each time you look at your roses you will be reminded of the wonderful moment you received them.


A little tip: It’s fun to watch the color of the rose change as it dries. Red roses, which are the most popular rose at Valentine’s Day, look almost black after they’re dried. The roses in the picture were a medium shade of pink before I dried them, while orange roses turned the perfect shade of red.



The rose provides us with incredible beauty, while also providing us with just as incredible health and beauty benefits. The 2015 Winter Newsletter is filled with wonderful uses for the rose this winter.