April 5, 2013

Shakers in bloom

It feels a little bit like I’ve been hibernating these past months since my last post on the first snowfall. Many of you are probably picking early spring flowers, while we’re still waiting for the snow to melt.

Last summer I took pictures of some of the flowers I would bring indoors and display in my “shaker vases”. My daughter picks me flowers and sometimes they are very small and they flop over in the vase that I put them in. A great way to display those delicate blossoms is to put them in a shaker. The holes in the lid work like a flower frog to keep your flowers upright.

I found this salt & pepper shaker at an antique store. It was all by itself so I got it for a very good price. The holes weren’t quite big enough for the flowers I wanted to put in it so I used a round steel file to make the holes bigger.

filing shaker

The winter months are a good time to display some of the dried flowers you may have from the summer. This zinnia I dried fit perfectly on the windowsill by the kitchen sink.

This set of salt & pepper shakers were at a thrift-shop for $1. They were the perfect size for the tiniest of flowers and I filed a couple of holes bigger for some of the larger ones.

This vintage talc shaker works perfectly for some of the longer-stemmed flowers. Shakers come in so many different sizes, shapes and colors.

Having these shakers makes looking for those early spring flowers even more fun. You can bring them inside and admire their beauty for days! Spring flowers bring new life to an old shaker. Happy Spring!


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